Data As On 31st July 2020


  • Fund Type : An Open Ended Equity Linked Saving Scheme with a statutory lock in of 3 years and tax benefit
    Entry Load : Nil
    Date of Allotment : February 25, 2009
    Features : Liquity SIP Shield SIP SWP STP
  • Benchmark : BSE 500 Total Return Index (TRI)
    Exit Load :

Investment Objective

The Scheme seeks to generate long-term capital growth from a diversified portfolio of predominantly equity and equity-related securities across all market capitalizations. The Scheme is in the nature of diversified multi-cap fund. The Scheme is not providing any assured or guaranteed returns. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives of the Scheme will be realized.

Fund Manager

  • Aakash Manghani

    B.E ( Information Technology)

    Aakash Manghani
    See detail

    Aakash has close to 10 years of experience in the Financial Services industry.

    He is managing this fund since July 15, 2019.

Fund Highlights

  • Aims to leverage on the midcap expertise that has been established by our equity team.
  • Provides investors with the additional benefit of Tax Savings (Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act)
  • Pure Equity fund that is aimed to be fully invested in equities under normal market situation
  • The close-ended nature of the fund will enable the Fund Manager to take a long-term view on his portfolio construct without having to worry about liquidity pressure.

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This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:


  1. Long-term capital growth.
  2. Investment in equity and equity-related securities of companies across market capitalisations.

*Investor should consult their financial advisor if they are not clear about the suitability of the product.

Top 10 Portfolio Holdings

Portfolio Details % to Net Assets
Reliance Industries Limited 8.3%
HDFC Bank Limited 5.9%
PI Industries Limited 4.4%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited 3.5%
Muthoot Finance Limited 3.4%
ICICI Bank Limited 3.3%
Divi's Laboratories Limited 3.2%
Bharti Airtel Limited 3.0%
Laurus Labs Limited 2.8%
Navin Fluorine International Limited 2.7%

Sector Allocation

  • Portfolio weight (%)
  • Benchmark weight (%)
Underweight / overweight
against benchmark

Data Not Available


Performance(Regular Plan – Growth)

Period Scheme Benchmark
1 yr 16.8 % 1.4 %
3 yrs 5.0 % 2.3 %
5 yrs 7.2 % 6.3 %

Dividend History(Regular Plan- Regular Dividend)

Record Date Dividend (`/Unit)
26-Mar-18 2.00
27-Dec-17 2.00